Obarzanek _Section 002_Leadership Journal 2

Our group discussed an array of issues mainly dealing with everyday life as a student. Some of these issues included textbook prices, the bus system, and lack of a grocery store on campus. Our group prioritized the lack of a grocery store on campus as the issue most worth looking into. We thought that the bus system is a pretty easy fix just one that really is up to the school to improve, and textbook prices is a problem that’s up to the professors. We liked the idea of a grocery store on campus and thought that there’s a lot of ways to make it happen. I thought this group collaboration was a great way to step back and learn to listen to others as well as a way to practice collaboration and agreement between possible project members. We each took turns discussing possible solutions to the problem while others in the group would bring up pros or cons to each solution. It was interesting that everyone in our group agreed to take on a small problem, and no one really went into any huge concepts or world issues. I think this happened because a lot of us agreed with what was covered in lecture and basically that it’s better to achieve a small win than to take on a big problem and fail. We didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back I think that was our biggest success. By focusing on issues that mattered to us and also issues that were reasonable, our group was better positioned to solve and fix these problems. Listening to others and trying to understand their solution from their point of view was helpful in determining in the task could be done and I thought our group did well in these aspects.


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